August 22, 2023: Australian proptech Archistar has partnered with Digital Twin Victoria (DTV), a Victorian State Government initiative, to co-develop a digital compliance tool for Victoria’s Small Lot Housing Code. The DTV eComply project is partnering with the industry to develop tools to support the transition to digital systems, designed to meet needs of builders, designers, architects, planners and building surveyors.

The innovative digital technology, which will come to market under the name Archistar Comply, can provide feedback on a 3D digital model of a new house in seconds. The tool uses advanced analytics to make more than 90 complex checks against the Small Lot Housing Code in just 90 seconds, with the potential to take up to four weeks off the building approval process. 

The end-to-end solution simplifies the review process by generating immediate visual feedback about the compliance of a new building against the Small Lot Housing Code. Areas of non-compliance are highlighted, enabling designers and builders to easily alter the plan, fast-tracking understanding of requirements and compliance.

The technology has been developed and tested by industry for industry with the support of the Victorian Government, which is embracing digital technology to deliver more efficient outcomes. 

The tool will also help build new digital workforce capacity by standardising Building Information Modelling (BIM) for digital assessment and encouraging wider adoption of BIM in residential home development.

A free demonstration and training tool called ‘Archiland’ is also available for industry to experience the new digital twin compliance technology and understand how it works.

Archistar Chief Executive Dr Ben Coorey said: “Archistar is proud to continue its ongoing work with governments, both internationally and domestically, to reduce the barriers to timely and quality design. Going back and forth through the approval process and not knowing the outcome can be a frustration for industry and homeowners, which could be significantly reduced with this technology. Ultimately, we are aiming to put efficiency and good quality outcomes at the heart of the development process.” 

Archistar Chairman and Former Managing Director Murdoch Media Prabhat Sethi said: “Following success in several Australian states, North America and Canada, Archistar is pleased to have partnered with the Victorian Government. The technology, which uses innovative data-driven decision making, helps remove the barriers to building, which is essential as we face cost and supply issues across the nation. 

Archistar recently announced a long-term partnership with the City of Vancouver to deliver the Archistar Comply platform in Vancouver, to make permit approvals faster, easier, and more affordable for the City’s residents and businesses.