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Site simply.
Sell quickly.

We help home builders sell more homes by providing visually striking, user-friendly tools that increase transparency for both homebuyers and home sellers.


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Simple siting
Easy tools to site with confidence

Manage communities and display your entire home catalogue on the platform.

Site your homes in 2D and 3D on any lot while respecting site rules and restrictions. Site quickly, easily, and reduce your cancellation rate.


Archistar is the most comprehensive planning rule database in Australia.

Pairing the power of Archistar with your design catalogue allows you to instantly display home designs on your chosen parcel of land while respecting planning rules.


Empower your team – once design siting is approved, sales consultants can download an instant personally branded report for the customer.

This report takes into account any siting notes, the design you chose, the parcel of land, applicable planning details, and any edits completed in the previous steps.


Seamless handover from sales to design. The platform allows for easy export to CAD for any further work required from your design team.

Blitz through the time consuming siting work and complete the sale faster!


Masterplan management

Your tailored home selling platform

Easily bring your greenfield masterplan or subdivision plan straight from CAD into the Archistar platform along with all applicable planning rules.

Retain complete control over your development by adding your planning guidelines to your masterplan.


Visualise your masterplan – keep your internal team up to date and give clients a new level of interactivity.

Track the parcels of land that are on sale, sold, occupied, under construction, etc.

Internally, use the platform as a robust project tracking tool. Externally, use it to showcase all your sold packages and/or any plots for sale.


As part of our partnership, we help you load your entire home catalogue into the platform.

Our technology can display both 2D and 3D formats to bring your homes to life.


We can whitelabel the platform so you can confidently use it as a tool to engage prospective home buyers.

Unlimited support
Your consultant and partner in home selling

We partner with your team to implement the technology and to help you load your entire home catalogue into the platform.


Archistar will provide ongoing support and training sessions to super charge your team.

Your team will confidently be able to use our cutting edge technology, so they can stay focused on the home selling process.


The Archistar Innovation Team helps you meet your business goals with tailored solutions supported by our technology and talent.

Why Archistar?
Join thousands of professionals
adopting the new industry standard

30x faster

Exponentially faster than
manual site finding methods


$30K saved / project

After quantifying time spent
and consultant costs


10x return

Maximise your investments
with the Archistar workflow

Archistar Innovation Labs
Need more? We can do more.

We’ve helped build solutions for leading enterprises who have shaped the industry. Talk to us today to explore ways to future-proof your company.

Which Archistar plan is right for me?

View all of our plans and pricing here.

The Professional plan is our most popular package as it unlocks all of the features contained within Archistar. The Elite package is more useful for multi-region companies. The smaller packages are for those that are still starting out their companies or firms or are completing one-off projects.

Will I get training on how to use the platform?

Yes, we provide many forms of interactive and self-guided training.

In-Platform - Helpful hints will be shown throughout the platform as you access specific features. Live chat is also available so you can ask our team for pointers.

Self-Guided - We have comprehensive Product Docs, short video tutorials and full-length video walkthroughs that you can view at your own pace.

Customers on the Expert, Business, Professional or Elite plan will receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will contact them shortly after purchase to organise tailored training.

What regions are covered by Archistar?

The Archistar platform currently covers Australia and all 8 of its states and territories.

Please contact us directly for a private discussion if you are interested in international coverage. We have a number of projects in play with key international partners that we currently can't disclose.

Where is your data sourced from?

Our planning, zoning & permitted use data is collected directly from official government documents on a federal, state and local level. We then standardise and catalogue the data to ensure it is presented to our users in an understandable format.

We have partnered with the best in the business for market and development permit data. Domain, CoreLogic, BCI, Cordell and Nearmap are a few of our key data partners. View our full list of partners.

What is a Due Diligence report?

Click here for a sample Archistar Development Due Diligence report.

The Development Due Diligence (or DDD) is commonly used as a 'highest and best use' report, answering the question, "How can I best use this piece of land?".

The report consolidates and presents almost everything that the Archistar platform has to offer. This includes planning details, applicable layers, market details, suburb insights, nearby developments, generated designs, analysis on designs and feasibility on designs. This report is customisable and white-labelled, meaning you can insert your name and brand to download and present to clients and/or stakeholders.

What documents can I purchase and how much are they?

Title Search documents and Contamination Reports are currently available for purchase on a site-by-site basis. Simply select a site to view the document prices.

For reference, we have Title Search available at these extremely competitive price points for the following states:

VIC - $12.50 per title
NSW - $15.00 per title
QLD - $21.89 per title

Can I mix and match features from different plans?

It depends! Please submit a demo request and our friendly team will be in contact to discuss a custom package that suits your needs.

Can I get a plan that is shorter than 12 months?

Please book a demo with our team and we can work together to discover if your circumstances require a custom package.

Can I request for new data to be added?

Yes, we actively encourage this! Our platform has been built off of industry feedback, much of what you see today is due to direct requests from property professionals who are tired of the traditional method of research and assessment.

Customers on the highest tier package receive a direct line to the product team for prioiritised feature requests.

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