Property intelligence platform, Archistar, is combining human capability with AI to streamline property development for industry professionals with the launch of two new innovative tools, Archistar Homes and the ability to draw buildings

SYDNEY, 2 DECEMBER 2020: Archistar, an Australian property intelligence platform which combines architectural design with artificial intelligence to inform decision-making in property, has today launched two new innovative features, Archistar Homes and a full suite of drawing tools. Both are designed to help industry professionals rapidly test, explore and assess the feasibility of their property designs.

The platform, which is used by agents, developers, architects, government planners and homeowners nationwide, is a leader in generative design techniques. Archistar Homes allows home builders to upload their catalogue of homes to the system and find exactly which one of their designs best fits the land. The system is embedded with industry rules and regulations, allowing home builders to complete their tasks with speed and ease.

Similarly, the new suite of drawing tools allows architects and designers to adjust building designs, create new shapes, and import and export out of the system into external design programs. This means users can visualise their development plans at the early concept stages and immediately view its surrounding context, building analytics such as solar access and ground shadows, and check for compliance. 

Dr Benjamin Coorey, Founder & CEO of Archistar said the new features were a game changer for industry professionals, allowing them to simplify and speed up the building design process, and make confident decisions without worrying about costly planning mistakes.

“This technology will change the way property professionals approach planning and development. It means anyone can find profitable sites immediately and assess for feasibility very easily. For first movers using this type of intelligence now, it’s a massive competitive edge and time saver,” said Mr Coorey.

The addition of Archistar Homes and the new suite of drawing tools means Archistar now offers property developers an end-to-end solution for planning, design, feasibility and compliance in the one platform. It currently has the most comprehensive planning rule database in Australia and enables developers to instantly determine the development potential of any block of land.

Archistar is used by major players in the property industry, including Stockland, NSW Government, Ray White, JLL, Cushman and Wakefield, LJ Hooker, Century 21 and Raine & Horne.

Archistar Homes will solve a major problem for home builders, who often suffer from cancellations when a customer’s design doesn’t fit because the home was not ‘sited’ properly on the piece of land. With all the planning rules and regulations in the Archistar Homes system, home builders can confidently find the best fit for the land with the additional ability to move, measure, flip, edit, as well as manage a ‘masterplan’ on the platform.

For designers, the new drawing tools provide the ability to accelerate their concept design process by drawing their own designs, or use Archistar’s generative design engine which automatically creates code compliant concept designs. These designs can be edited directly in the platform or exported to design software Rhino to finalise in detail. Designs can be immediately viewed in the surrounding context with compliance details available to download in a due diligence report.

Steve Chandler, CEO and Founder at property development consultancy LEFTA said the new drawing tools would make it far easier for his team to assess the development potential and financial viability of different sites.

“One of the biggest issues for us is the cost of due diligence and determining what we can get on a site and the feasibility of those different options. Usually we might have to look at 100 properties to find the right one to develop and so the ability to filter out these properties is incredibly important. The new drawing tools will allow us to take multiple concepts and layouts, make it exactly what we’ve envisaged, and then put it back into the generator to process a feasibility. The ability to do this rapidly through the Archistar system within minutes instead of days is a phenomenal saving for companies’ overheads. We’d be looking at saving potentially a week of time and the cost attached to that from being able to assess the site very quickly,” said Mr Chandler.


About Archistar:

Founded by brothers Dr. Benjamin Coorey and Robert Coorey, Archistar is the world’s leading Generative Design platform for the Property Industry. The Australian property platform combines architectural design with artificial intelligence to inform decision-making in property and is used by agents, developers, architects, government planners and homeowners nationwide.