And the Benefits for Property Developers and Architects

By Ben Coorey

Archistar Property is a world-first platform that benefits both developers and architects. Its Generative Design Engine allows both to save huge amounts of time.

Archistar Property is a built environment tool quite unlike any other on the market at the moment.

It combines Big Data and artificial intelligence technology to great effect. Users benefit from this in a number of ways.

Archistar uses up-to-date aerial imagery and data to help developers find suitable sites. Moreover, it provides useful information about these sites. For example, you can see if the site already has a development agreement in place. Plus, you can check any local regulations that you’d have to consider when developing on the site.

The platform can also identify development hotspots. This cuts down on the amount of time that a developer has to spend on finding and analysing sites. You can create a shortlist of potential sites in a matter of minutes. Then, you can use the platform to dig deeper into those sites.

Better yet, the platform also generates feasibility reports to help you make your decisions.

That’s all very impressive. But it’s the Generative Design Engine that is the platform’s key feature.


What Is the Generative Design Engine?

Archistar’s Generative Design Engine is a world-leading technology. At its most basic level, it allows you to create conceptual building designs. You can select a lot within the Archistar platform. Then, you have Archistar generate building designs based on your requirements.

For example, let’s say that you have a lot that you want to fill with townhouses. You can enter your requirements into Archistar. This includes metrics such as dimensions and proposed density. The engine combines these inputs with the property intelligence that the platform collects.

The end result is a set of conceptual designs from which you can base the rest of your work.

Speed is the key feature here. The Generative Design Engine creates designs in a matter of seconds. In fact, it’s possible to generate dozens, even hundreds of designs using the engine. Better yet, each of these designs offers a different take on how you could use the land.

It would take weeks of effort to produce the same number of concepts manually.

There’s more. Each of these conceptual designs also uses the most up-to-date information available. That means that each design meets the current regulations in your chosen location. You also get information about potential costs and yields for each design. The platform also allows you to examine each design in more detail to check other metrics.

Even more impressively, the engine can also detect external factors, such as sunlight. The designs it generates take these factors into account as well.

It’s also important to note that the Generative Design Engine will improve over time. While already impressive, it has the capacity to absorb more data for use in its designs. Over time, this will lead to even more accurate and varied design ideas.

This technology benefits both developers and architects. Let’s look at developers first.


The Benefits for Developers

Archistar proves most useful for developers during the planning stages of a project.

The reports that the platform generates can help with decision-making. However, it’s the Generative Design Engine that provides the best idea of how the development will look in a real-world scenario.

Here are benefits for developers.

Benefit #1 – Instant Conceptualisation

Developers are not designers by nature. While they’ll have a good idea of what they want to achieve, they often can’t visualise it themselves.

The Generative Design Engine creates thousands of concepts in an hour. That means developers get near-instant conceptualisation, which saves huge amounts of time.

Benefit #2 – It Uses Up-to-Date Data

You can’t just create building designs and call it a day. A conceptual design also has to take local regulations into account. Each state has different regulations in place when it comes to building. Moreover, you have to consider the zoning restrictions that your chosen location has in place.

Traditionally, this led to a lot of time spent on research. Developers might have to contact local councils to learn what they can and can’t do. Then, they had to account for this in their conceptual designs.

The Generative Design Engine handles all of the legwork for you. It pulls the important information from the Archistar platform. Then, it creates building designs that take all local regulations into account.

You also save an enormous amount of time on research. The engine uses an enormous amount of data that would have taken you weeks, or even months, to collect.

Benefit #3 – You Get More Than Rough Sketches

Imagine that you’re trying to pitch your development project to investors. Your conceptual designs are the only means you have of helping investors visualise the project.

In the past, these designs were little more than rough sketches. That was especially the case for pre-doc meetings, which occur during the earliest stages of the development process.

The Generative Design Engine allows you to offer more than these sketches during these meetings. You can impress potential investors right off the bat with well-formed floorplans. These also have the backing of accurate data.

The Benefits for Architects

The Generative Design Engine offers benefits to architects too. They include the following.

Benefit #1 – Architects Can Use the Platform to Attract Work

It’s possible that a developer will come to you with an opportunity that they discovered outside of Archistar. They may have never used or even heard of the platform. And that means that they don’t have access to the Generative Design Engine.

Architects can use the platform themselves to create conceptual designs. A developer might call in one of those awkward favours mentioned above. But instead of spending weeks creating manual concepts, you can leave it to the engine. It automates the process for you and gives you results that you can deliver back to developers on the same day.

That’s an impressive feat that means you’re more likely to land the contract.

Benefit #2 – Enormous Time Savings

The main benefit of the Generative Design Engine is that it saves you huge amounts of time.

Creating concepts has always been a back and forth process. You get a request from a developer and create the concepts. They come back with more requests and you get back to work. You may go back and forth several times before coming up with something that works.

The Generative Design Engine creates designs in just seconds. A developer will usually accept at least one of these, which means you can move straight into the next design phase.

The Final Word

The Archistar platform allows you to leverage property intelligence. In doing so, you can create better built environments. It saves you time you’d otherwise spend on research and planning developments.

The Generative Design Engine is the platform’s standout feature. Whether you’re a developer or architect, you can use it to create building concepts almost instantly. This can shave weeks, or even months, off the planning process.

And this is only the start. As the Archistar platform develops, so too will the Generative Design Engine.

Do you want to learn more? Get in touch with the Archistar team today to find out how you can use the Generative Design Engine to your advantage.