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If you’re a property developer in New South Wales, you need to know all about getting project approval. Depending on the project, you may have to apply for development approval, or you may need a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). CDCs are preferable because the process is more cost-effective and efficient. So, to save time and money on your next project, find out what is the CDC approval process in NSW. In this post, we will discuss how to get approved for CDC, how long it takes to get CDC approval, and what a CDC costs in NSW.

How Do You Get Approved for a CDC?

The first step to getting a CDC is finding out if you are eligible for one. Your eligibility is based on whether your development meets the relevant requirements set out by the Building Code of Australia, Local Environment Plans, and the State Environmental Planning Policy. Typically, smaller projects such as minor home renovations, decks, additions and alterations, granny flats, and some industrial and commercial developments meet the criteria.

Next, you’ll need to prepare the required documentation. These documents include the site and floor plans, specifications, engineering drawings, a BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) certificate, a waste management plan—if applicable—and a statement of environmental effects. It’s best to enlist the help of an experienced architect or builder to help you prepare these plans correctly.

Once you have your documents in order, you will submit your application and application fee to a local council or a private certifier who is accredited by the Building Professionals Board. Your application will be assessed, and if it is complete and complies with the relevant codes, your CDC will be approved.

Developments which are eligible for CDC in New South Wales:

  • Single and two-storey homes
  • Home renovations and additions/ Alterations and Additions
  • Granny flats
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Carports and garages
  • Demolitions
  • Some commercial and industrial developments
  • Sheds
  • Retaining Walls
  • Decks

How Long Does It Take To Get CDC Approval?

Depending on the workload of the council officer or certifier, the quality of your application, and the complexity of the proposed project, it will take between 20 and 40 days to get CDC approval. It may take longer if your application is missing documents, contains errors, or requires additional information. Some developments may require additional assessments, such as a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment or flood study.

How Much Does CDC Cost in NSW?

In NSW, the cost of a CDC varies based on the scale, type, and cost of the development. The fees are generally lower than that of a development approval certificate, but also vary from one council to the next. You will pay the application fee on lodgement, and you will pay inspection fees to ensure that your development is compliant with the relevant codes. If the CDC has to be advertised, there will also be an advertising fee. A CDC approval and the relevant inspections typically cost upwards of $1000, but these fees are subject to change.

Now that you are familiar with the CDC approval process in NSW, you can save time and money by ensuring your eligibility and preparing your application correctly. Of course, there’s much to do before applying for your CDC. With a comprehensive property development platform like Archistar, you can draw up the project plans, find the right tract of land, and ensure it’s correctly zoned. If you need additional information pertaining to your CDC application, contact your local council or accredited certifier for advice.

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