Some real estate developers start as real estate agents, work in construction, or as architects. It takes time to work your way up, and there are a few things you want to know while you’re doing it too. These paths allow people to build up enough of their own capital to become real estate developers and lead their own teams. So how does real estate development work? Your journey starts with working your way up, writing a business proposal, building a team, managing the project, and then deciding whether to sell or rent out the property. Well, that’s the abridged version. In truth, there’s more to know.


What Is a Real Estate Developer?

A real estate developer is a person who heads up a team of industry specialists to finance, build, market, and manage real estate development projects. They may purchase bare land or existing property to build a new or improved property. This property may fall into residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use categories. While real estate developers may not need training or authorisation, industry experience and formal education does pave the way for smoother projects. Those who start out as real estate agents, architects, contractors, and the like do need formal training.


What Is Real Estate?

Unlike other assets, real estate is immovable. Outside of altering the landscape, you cannot move the land or building itself. Your options include excavation, bulldozing, and renovating when it comes to real estate. Land itself is indestructible, unique, and permanent. When looking at real estate, you will consider all these factors before buying a building or renovating. Is the land compatible with your vision? Is the land correctly zoned so that you can execute your idea? An experienced real estate developer doesn’t only conduct due diligence, but they can also more or less get a feel for whether the land lends itself to their intended use of it.


Real Estate Development Myths

When people ask how real estate development works, often they have already made up their minds, but some myths are important to dispel.


Real Estate Development Is an Easy Way to Make Money

While you can make brilliant profit margins in both the short and long term, there are real estate developers who have been burned. That’s precisely why you must take your time to study the property market, understand its fluctuations, work hard, and oversee every aspect of the project.


Real Estate Development Is Easy

Whether it’s your first project or your tenth, you must always find unique and creative ways to solve problems. It’s not a linear process, and there will always be obstacles. Those obstacles may also come in the form of investors, architects, builders, and more. Being a good real estate developer also requires the ability to listen to those who have different perspectives and skills from yours. 

Along with knowing how real estate development works, it’s always a good idea to invest in a comprehensive real estate development software package such as Archistar. Archistar will help you get started and run your project with ease using its zoning database, feasibility calculator, and design tools.