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The process of land development can be complex. More than buying land or property, building on it, and selling the final product, there are many steps along the way. Keeping track of these steps is the difference between making a profit or a loss.

With so much at stake, land development project management software is an essential tool for seasoned land developers and novices alike. If you want to make a profit, recklessness isn’t the best way.

What Is Land Development?

Land development is the process whereby a property or land developer studies the market, finds a suitable piece of land to invest in and builds on it intending to sell or rent the property. A multifaceted job, land development requires exceptional project management skills to ensure that the project is finished on time–and within budget.

With any number of variables lurking, ready to send ripples through the whole project, it is essential to know what is happening in every aspect of the project at all times.

How To Manage a Land Development Project

For both the uninitiated and seasoned project managers, project managing a land development project successfully depends on balancing money, time, and quality. Developers need to spend less money, take less time, and produce a higher quality product to compete with other land and property developers. That may be an oversimplification, but keeping track of each step in the process, managing people, managing time frames, and managing budgets are the foundation of a successful and profitable property development project.

Why Land Developers Use Project Management Software

Within the framework of time, budget, and quality, there is almost an infinite number of variables, which is why one person alone is seldom successful in keeping track of the smaller details. When used correctly, project management software is a powerful tool that puts progress reports, budgets reports, communications, and timelines into one easy-to-access place for the entire team to refer to as needed.

What Project Management Software Should Land Developers Use?

In choosing project management software, you need to find the balance between your needs, the project requirements, and usability. Each land developer has a different method of working; to this end, we have found three respected land development software packages to consider. – a widely used project management platform, is easily customised to suit your workflow. It will make collaboration between various disciplines easy through file sharing, checklists, and comments. This software allows you to view your timelines and budgets in real-time with ease.

WorkflowMax – perfect for architects, builders, and land developers, WorkflowMax aids in time tracking, project management, client management, costing, and fast, accurate reporting. WorkflowMax is easy to use despite its wide range of features. It also allows for the integration of accounting software.

Archistar – the first part of a land development project requires more than a broad project management tool. Project management starts with researching potential sites, conducting due diligence, estimating costs, conceptualising buildings, and conducting feasibility reports. This is where Archistar shines and helps you get your project off the ground.

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