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Real estate and property development are both highly competitive – and complex – industries, but with a number of tools are your disposal to simplify things somewhat. And technology has contributed to not only increasing the number of tools property developers have access to, but also the kind of information now made available to developers.

However, many of the tools do only one thing, meaning that as a property developer you need to use multiple tools – in sequence or in conjunction with each other – in order to identify suitable properties, make sense of what is and isn’t allowed according to planning regulations, before assessing and filtering various overlays just so you can start considering designs. And once you have a design, you need to turn to more tools in order to start estimating costs and generate a feasibility report.

Of course, if you were using Archistar’s AI driven platform you wouldn’t need dozens of other tools; you’d get intelligent data pulled from all the top platforms and services used by many property developers, ready for you to analyse and assess at each stage of the development process. This not only saves you from having to manage different tools and subscriptions, it can also dramatically shorten the time between identifying a suitable property and submitting plans for development approval.

The property development tools and platforms Archistar uses include:


Get the most recent high-resolution aerial imagery of sites and properties, and when combined with demographic data and suburban insights, it becomes easier to make critical decisions without spending time and money on in-person inspections and evaluations. Nearmap’s image archives also make it possible to assess how an area has changed and developed, going back up to 10 years.

CoreLogic RP Data

Get up to 20 years’ worth of rich property data for the site you are interested in, along with properties around it. This includes Sales & Rental history where available, along with the estimated value of the property, thereby eliminating the immediate need – and cost – of having a Valuer visit the site to survey the property.

CoreLogic RP Data’s integration with Archistar also makes it possible to view floor-plans and photos of the interior of any existing property, when available. This can be useful when wanting to develop not only the site, but also the current property.

Cordell Projects

Integrating the Cordell Projects API into the Archistar platform fills out all the data you have access to and that is used throughout each stage of the development process, including the generation of any feasibility reports. Data points are collected throughout each weekday from multiple sources, ensuring all information and data provided through the Archistar platform is relevant, up-to-date, and the most comprehensive for property development needs. Get actual development activity happening around the site you are interested in, broken down by stage and category, along with actual or projected year of completion, and the total value of the development. Some of the data sourced by Cordell Projects also make it simpler to estimate expenses, leading to more accurate net realisation projections.

Commercial Real Estate

Discover what commercial activity is happening around the site you are interested in, including details of commercial property sales and rentals. By integrating data from Commercial Real Estate, you also have access to richer demographic insights for the areas you are considering, along with performance statistics by year, listing information such as median price for sales and rentals, days on market, and even number of properties auctioned.


Archistar partnership with Domain allows us to source the same type of information sourced for commercial activity in an area or suburb, but specifically for residential properties. Cross-referenced against CoreLogic’s rich property data, it results in more accurate historical data relating to property sales and rentals, the size of properties, and property features. Knowing how many houses and apartments where sold in recent years isn’t the only information you might need; you could also want to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms each property sold had.

Of course, all of the above tools and platforms are part of the Archistar platform in addition to the robust text and visual data regarding planning details, rules, and regulations; zoning details; and heritage, bushfire, and flooding overlays and rules that we meticulously source and keep updated. Book a free demo to discover how Archistar can make it easier for you to make critical decisions without the need for dozens of separate tools.

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