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If you’re planning on developing property, there’s a lot you need to know about the development approval process in NSW. Development approval is the process of getting permission to develop a property or to build. Property developers must apply for development approval to comply with state and local planning rules and regulations. The regulatory process of obtaining development approval is carried out by submitting various documents to your local council. Following your lodgement, your application will be assessed, and you will be notified if consent has been granted. Of course, there’s more to it, so let’s discuss it further.

Why Do You Need To Apply for Development Approval in New South Wales?

Development approval applications are necessary to ensure that towns and cities comply with their state and local planning regulations. Town planning is influenced by previous and predicted population growth, demographic changes, economic growth, and urban renewal. Other factors influencing town planning are whether you want to build on a heritage site, avoid flood and fire zones, zoning, and sustainability. In addition, you’ll need community approval and access to public utilities.

What Documents Need To Be Submitted To Get Development Approval in NSW?

To lodge your development approval, you will need to submit a wide variety of documents.

Some of the documents required to apply for development approval in NSW include:

  • The site plans.
  • Elevations.
  • Covenants where applicable.
  • Title deeds.
  • Information about draining and retention.
  • Proof of compliance with zoning requirements, council schemes, and overlays.
  • Evidence that the project complies with traffic flow and car-park requirements.
  • The estimated cost of development.
  • The development application form.

How Much Does DA Approval Cost in NSW?

The fee for lodging a development application is calculated using a sliding scale based on the relevant council fees and the estimated development cost. You may need a registered architect or a licenced builder to create a cost summary report for this part of your application. In addition to the fee for your development application, you will pay construction certificate fees, inspection fees, and engineers fees; you may have to pay for water and other service connections too. The best way to get an accurate cost estimate is to discuss the matter with your local council before applying, since each council sets their own fees.

How Long Does a DA Approval Take in NSW?

For uncomplicated and complete applications, most councils take no longer than 40 days to supply development approval. Once your DA application is lodged, a neighbour notification may be sent out through individual letters, on-site notices, or adverts in the local newspaper. This part of the process allows residents to view the plans and the application and to comment accordingly. The next step will require expert commentary on environmental issues which may affect the development. Then, an assessment officer will be assigned to you to set up a site inspection and a call-back date; they will also advise you if any further information is required and their final decision regarding your DA application.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the development approval process before you begin. This will ensure your application goes smoothly and no documentation is left out, saving you time and money. The Archistar property development platform not only makes it easier for you to find sites and properties suitable for development. It can also generate hundreds of potential designs and be used to gather much of the information necessary for a development application.

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