Building permits are granted by public authorities to confirm that the construction phase has been authorized. Building permits can seem like a maze of paperwork and regulations, but digital tools can streamline the process for both local governments and property developers. Such platforms combine the various aspects of acquiring building permits to ensure developments are controlled, sustainable, and beneficial to local communities, the environment, and the economy. Let’s discuss building permits and the top 7 digital building permit tools.

What Is a Building Permit and Why Is It Important?

Building permits are legally required for those planning to renovate, build, or demolish a structure. When issuing building permits, several aspects are considered; such as accessibility, functionality, sustainability, disaster prevention, emergency management, safety, security, and environmental quality.

A building permit proves that:

  • A building complies with safety codes, reducing risks and hazards.
  • Qualified professionals have carried out the project, and it adheres to quality standards.
  • The facility complies with local zoning regulations and land use policies.
  • The construction is both legal and secure, elevating the property’s value.

What Are Digital Building Permit Tools?

Digital building permit tools are software solutions tailored to digitize and streamline the entire permitting process. They streamline the process, reduce paperwork, and enhance transparency. When choosing a digital building permit tool, several factors must be considered. Look for a platform with a user-friendly interface, a tool that will integrate with existing systems and databases, a tool that can adapt to specific needs and regulations, prioritized data safety and security, and offer comprehensive support and training for all users.

The Top Digital Building Permit Tools

With so many digital building permit tools to choose from, it can be tricky to find the right solution. We’ve narrowed down the options to help you choose.


Archistar is a property development tool widely used to plan, design, and manage development projects. Archistar’s expansive functionality includes eCheck, accelerating and simplifying the building permit approval process. Users can drag and drop their design files onto the platform and get immediate feedback through the digital evaluation. Submissions are assessed against city regulations to provide an instant pass or fail, which can then be modified and resubmitted. Archistar’s eCheck permitting solution is currently being used by local governments in Australia, Canada, and the US. However, since Archistar works directly with each city’s planning staff to understand local codes and bylaws, the system can be implemented in any country.


Computronix offers the POSSE PLS permitting and licensing software, designed to automate and streamline workflows for planning and licensing activities. This browser-based software includes modules for planning, permitting & inspections, business & professional licensing, code enforcement, and ePlans, enabling efficient management of various land management tasks. Key features include on-demand reports, public & private cloud services, GIS integration, mobile apps. A low code UI builder allows business users to create and customize their own customer service experience. POSSE PLS ensures simplified workflows for internal staff, external agencies, contractors, and citizens, improving the overall efficiency of the permitting process. It is designed for—and used by—local governments across North America.

Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise Permitting & Licensing software is tailored for local governments with the goal to enhance community engagement and streamline regulatory processes. With this software, digital workflows are facilitated, promoting project visibility and collaboration for scalable growth. Key features include embedded Esri® GIS technology for real-time data visualization, mobile applications for on-site inspections and enforcement, centralized workflows to eliminate operational silos, and automated processes for electronic plan reviews and online submittals. Tyler Technologies software is designed for use in the United States public sector.


Clariti’s Building Permit Software is engineered to simplify the permitting process for both staff and applicants. This digital tool provides a user-friendly portal for 24/7 permit applications, reviews, and payments. It also boasts analytics for real-time data visualization, online and offline inspections management, centralized financial transactions, and automated correspondence. While it’s tailored to simplify complex processes and enhance operational efficiency, it is available exclusively for US communities.


MyGov’s Permits and Inspections software focuses on optimizing the permit application and inspection processes for municipal agencies. It offers online applications, mobile inspections with photo capture, and inspection load balancing. Through its GIS integration, agencies can effectively map and route inspections. MyGov has been recognized for its ability to ease previous inefficiencies in data sharing and task routing. It is designed for local governments in the United States and can be found at, distinct from other platforms with the same name.


Cloudpermit’s software is a robust online building permitting tool crafted to facilitate a streamlined development approval process and on-site mobile inspections for local government agencies. The platform enables users to issue building permits, schedule inspections, and communicate with applicants seamlessly. Its features include online building permit applications, mobile inspections, GIS integrated maps for optimal routing, and an online portal housed in the cloud for easy access anytime, anywhere. While it aims to speed up the review and approval processes, it is available only in Canada and the United States.


MyGovernmentOnline’s Permits and Licensing software aims to allow users to manage various permitting tasks online, while replicating the in-person processes at local offices. Users can apply for permits, make payments, request inspections, submit files, download inspection reports and approved plans, check permit status, download permit data, search for permits, and manage contractor and business licenses. Managed by an Economic Development District (EDD), MyGovernmentOnline is available for use by local governments across the US.

Embracing digital building permit tools is the key to efficiency in local governance and the property development industry. These tools boost efficiency and lighten administrative burdens. By carefully selecting the tool that aligns with your goals and requirements, you can pave the way for a smoother permitting process, ultimately benefiting your community and accelerating construction projects. Looking for a more efficient building permit tool for your city? Book a free demo of eCheck to learn more about the features, how it is being used in other cities, and how it can be customized to your city’s needs.