What Are the Requirements for Building a Townhouse or Duplex on My Land?

Considering the idea of building a townhouse or duplex on your property? Before you start, there are certain guidelines you need to know first.


You’re reading this because you’re thinking of developing a townhouse or duplex. And for that, congratulations are in order. After all, this project holds great potential for generating equity and strong cash flow. 

But the caveat is that this decision comes with its fair share of challenges and uncertainties. One of which is the amount of homework you need to do to get approval for your plans.

That alone can feel overwhelming.

But with this article, you can avoid the overwhelm when it comes to obtaining council approval for your project. We’ll dive into the four main considerations that councils evaluate when assessing applications. And we’ll also enumerate the requirements you’ll need for compliance.

By familiarising yourself with all these information…

You’ll have a clearer understanding of what you’ll need to do to obtain approval. And you canmove forward with your project confidently.

4 Main Considerations for Duplex/Townhouse Projects

When deciding to approve a duplex or townhouse development plan, local councils look at four main considerations:

Consideration #1. Privacy

Maintaining privacy for both existing and future residents is a significant concern for councils. 

This is why they assess factors such as building setbacks, window placements, and screening of your duplex or townhouse project. Their goal is to ensure adequate privacy is maintained between neighbouring properties.

Consideration #2. Floor Area Limitations

Councils often impose restrictions on the maximum floor area of duplexes or townhouses. These limitations are in place to manage the overall scale and density of the development. Not to mention maintain a balance with the surrounding neighbourhood.

Consideration #3. Location

The location of the proposed development is crucial and can impact the approval process. It’s because councils pay close attention to factors such as:

  • Bushfire-prone lands
  • Heritage sites
  • Scenic protection zones
  • Other environmentally sensitive areas

Compliance with regulations and considerations specific to such locations is essential. 

Consideration #4. Zoning and Local Development Control Plans

Councils assess if the proposed duplex or townhouse aligns with its zoning regulations and local development control plans. They check compliance in terms of the permissible land use, density, setbacks, height limits, and other requirements specific to the area. 

Adhering to these guidelines is vital for obtaining approval.

Keep in mind that the specific requirements and regulations can vary between councils. So, it is crucial to consult your local planning authority. Review the relevant documents to ensure your project meets the specific requirements of your area.

6 Requirements to Comply With for a Duplex/Townhouse Build

To improve your chances of obtaining council approval for your planned duplex or townhouse, you must ensure compliance with the following requirements:

Requirement #1. A Detailed Site Plan

You must submit a comprehensive site plan that showcases your compliance with lot and floor area limitations. 

This plan should clearly outline the layout of the proposed development. And it must also include the positions and dimensions of the buildings, setbacks from boundaries, access points, parking areas, and landscaping features.

Requirement #2. Frontage and Parking Compliance

Ensure that all dwellings in your duplex or townhouse development have frontage to a public road. They must also meet the off-street parking requirements. 

Typically, each dwelling in a duplex or townhouse project should have parking space for at least one car.

Requirement #3. Consultation with Adjoining Residents and Landowners

You must provide the council proof of consultation with neighbouring residents and landowners. Present evidence that you’ve notified them about your development plans and have sought their feedback or concerns.

This demonstrates your efforts to address any potential issues raised during the consultation process.

Requirement #4. Compliance with Environmental Considerations

One thing you must first confirm is if you can build a duplex or townhouse on your land.

Let’s say your land is located in a bushfire-prone area, heritage site, or scenic protection zone. You will need to submit supporting documents that demonstrate your compliance with the specific regulations for these areas. 

This may involve measures such as using fire-resistant construction materials, preservation of heritage features, or mitigating visual impact on scenic areas.

Requirement #5. Statements of Environment Effects/Environmental Impact Assessment

Being in Australia means the scale and nature of your property project will get assessed. So,  you may be required to provide statements of your project’s environmental effects or an environmental impact assessment. 

These documents need to show the potential impacts of your project on the surrounding environment, such as on vegetation, biodiversity, noise, and water resources. And you must also outline any measures you plan to implement to minimise and mitigate these impacts.

Requirement #6. Feasibility Study

You need to conduct a feasibility study that evaluates the financial viability and potential profitability of your duplex or townhouse project. This study should consider factors such as construction costs, market demand, rental potential, and projected returns. 

Utilising tools like Archistar can help you accomplish this requirement faster. It’s because Archistar can assist you in generating detailed feasibility reports, analysing market trends, and evaluating the financial aspects of your project.

By fulfilling these requirements and providing the necessary supporting documents…

You demonstrate your commitment to compliance to the council’s rules and regulations. And more importantly, you increase your chances of obtaining approval for your duplex or townhouse project.

Make the Process Easier With Archistar

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