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Every home designer dreams of channelling Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, or Antoni Gaudi to design a breath-taking home. To do this, home design software is essential. What home design software is best? Amidst a multitude of architecture software, choosing a software package tailored to home design may be a little more demanding. Whether you are designing your own home or are an architect designing a home for a client, the right software for this application exists to meet your needs.

What Are Your Needs?

First, ask yourself the following questions: what is your experience level? Are you an architect by trade, and are you designing your own home or renovating? What are you prepared to pay for software? How much time do you have to learn a home design software package? Are you collaborating with a team, or are you working alone? What computer are you working on; will the software be compatible with it? Ahead of leaping in and choosing home design software, narrow down your needs to avoid investing in the wrong package.

What Features Does Home Design Software Need?

It’s best to choose the features you need based on what you wish to accomplish. If you’re embarking on a light renovation, you are unlikely to need BIM (Building Information Modelling) capability or generative design features. For DIY purposes, too much detail and too many features will likely hinder the process if you are working on only one project. Architects and full-time home designers will need more technical features.

Ask yourself what features do you need:

  • The ability to collaborate with team members or your builder and architect?
  • Do you need a cost estimator?
  • A library of prebuilt objects such as windows, stairs, or furniture?
  • Tutorials and online support?
  • BIM and generative design?
  • What file formats do you need?

Our Top Home Design Software Picks

We’ve found a few of the most highly rated packages to make your choice a little easier.

Archistar – Archistar – perfect if you’re building from scratch. This platform is comprehensive, but online tutorials and support make learning the platform easier. Ideal for those seeking the ideal site, Archistar gives users detailed zoning maps, aerial views, feasibility calculators, and the ability to generate home designs with CAD compatibility. Archistar integrates planning rules and site compliance with generative design capabilities more specific to homes.

SketchUp – another widely used and praised home design software package, SketchUp is perfect for new builds and renovations. This package is available in a professional and a free version. There is a slight learning curve, but it is still easy to use, and the images look professional. There is no built-in rendering ability, and this is not a collaborative tool.

Home Designer – great for hobbyists and DIYers, Home Designer is perfect for interior design, remodelling, landscaping, and cost estimation. This software has CAD functionality. If you’ve never used this type of software, it may take some time to get used to.

Dream Plan Home Designer – last on our list is Dream Plan Home Designer. It’s excellent for more straightforward projects because it is easy to use, covers the basics, and it is a cost-effective solution. It’s downfall: it has a limited object library, there is no cost calculator, and it is not ideal for larger projects.

Have you made your choice yet? The best home design software will help you visualise your home accurately while you dream it up.

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