With Archistar, I’m able to look up planning controls and show clients what we can or can’t achieve within minutes. It’s the efficiency, convenience and professionalism that makes it so great!”

Mariam Hamad

Architect, Hemisphere Constructions

We recently spoke with Mariam Hamad, Architect at Hemisphere Constructions on how she’s using Archistar and discovered the efficiency as well as convenience it’s providing her.

What problems were you dealing with before Archistar?

“Not finding information easily or being able to navigate across every council. All council platforms are different, and you had to adapt based on that council.”

What platforms were you using before?

“Prior to Archistar there were a few tools being used – the usual council DCP’s, SEPP as well as SIX Maps.”

How has Archistar helped?

“Having everything in one platform is so convenient! I was easily able to look up DCP’s in the matter of minutes whereas that would have take me a day or two navigating alone. As I said to my wonderful Archistar Trainer, Linda, that the importance of this platform is not complete reliability, you always have to triple-check information in our line of field, however it is the efficiency, convenience and professionalism of the platform that makes it so great.

In a fast-paced environment like ours, this is something we definitely need!”

Did things differ during COVID?

“Not being able to reach certain people during covid due to work-hours and working from home were the key changes – the efficiency of having a platform to reach for information quickly has been great.”

What’s your favourite feature?

“Mostly the DCP/SEPP regulations that have been most useful. As an architect, knowing our planning controls is of the utmost importance. Having this feature where I can show the client what we can or can’t achieve is great.”