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How Archistar’s eCheck technology works

Step 01

Simple digital submission

Submitters simply drag-and-drop their design files onto the platform. Compatible with PDF, CAD, or BIM formats, these designs can be reviewed in either 2D or 3D.


2D + 3D interactive

Step 02

Standardized assessment in minutes

Archistar’s proprietary technology digitally evaluates submissions based on your city’s local codes and regulations, instantly providing ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ results. This enables submitters to quickly review, modify, and resubmit their applications.


Immediate feedback
& transparency

Step 03

Higher quality submissions, faster approvals

Applicants receive standardized reports, enabling the creation of higher-quality final submissions. This facilitates easier assessments and increases the likelihood of approval.



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See global case studies of eCheck in action

Archistar ePermitting - City of Austin

City of Austin | U.S.

“This collaboration is the start of a significant step toward a more efficient, customer-centric building plan review process.”

Development Services Department Director, José G. Roig

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Archistar ePermitting - City of Vancouver

City of Vancouver | Canada

“Embracing technology for permitting will have a huge impact for Vancouver’s residents and businesses.”

City of Vancouver Mayor, Ken Sim

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Archistar ePermitting - Victorian Government

Victorian Government | Australia

Archistar Comply can make more than 90 complex checks against the Small Lot Housing Code in around 90 seconds, taking up to 4 weeks off the approval process.

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Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF)

The Housing Accelerator Fund – launching in summer 2023 – provides incentive funding to local governments to boost housing supply across Canada.. The Housing Accelerator Fund will help local governments cut red tape and backlogs, build the housing we need, and give more people in Canada a safe and affordable place to call home. This fund will allow you to explore and implement new ePermitting technology to fast-track your permitting process.

The calculator on the right is an estimate on how many more net dwellings you could achieve in your municipality if you were to achieve a 30% lift in efficiency / approvals per year. It also provides a quick indication of the potential grant you could be eligible for under the Housing Accelerator Fund.

If you would like to learn more about our technology and how it can help your process to improve efficiencies and increase your approvals per year, contact us for a demo. Alternatively, you can also download our info pack that you can share with your colleagues.

Calculate your building permits increase

Select your Municipality / City

Potential Grant

$5.2M - $92.0M

from 259 - 4,601 additional dwellings permitted over 3 years at $20,000 minimum funding per net new dwelling

Existing Trend

Dwellings in 2021 (Stats Canada)

Estimated Dwellings in 2023 (Trend)

Annual Growth Rate (Trend)

Expected Net New Dwellings 2026 (Trend)

Target Growth Rates

Min Growth Rate (Eligible)
Grant Points on Growth = 4 / 10

10% Rate % Change

Maximised Growth Rate
Grant Points on Growth = 10 / 10

71% Rate % Change

Net New Dwellings Required

Expected Net New Dwellings 2026 (Min)

Expected Net New Dwellings 2026 (Max)


Global federal governments are offering grants to accelerate housing supply and expedite approvals.
Learn how Archistar’s eCheck solution can help you meet these grant criteria effectively.

✓ Standardization of planning applications

Including online planning application forms and application data

✓ Digitisation of manual planning processes

Such as planning permit advertising, public notices and/or mail outs

✓ Digitisation of community consultation and engagement

Specifically, planning-related community consultation and engagement

✓ Improving online planning guidance materials

To make the planning system more accessible to applicants and the community

✓ Improving data quality and reporting related to planning services

Improving data quality and reporting related to planning services

✓ Procurement of new data to support planning

Including 3D models, lidar capture of existing buildings, mesh blocks, vegetation overlays or other relevant data sets

✓ Procurement of 3D modelling and visualisation services

To support local planning activities

✓ Integration of planning systems and data

With other systems within council or State government

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