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Granny Flat Report

Australia, like other countries such as Canada and the USA, is facing a housing crisis, both in terms of supply and affordability affecting many Australians including critical community workers such as teachers, police and nurses unable to live in areas where their services are needed.

Based on the analysis from Archistar, Blackfort and CoreLogic, granny flats have the ability to quickly and affordably address some of the current housing crisis. More than 655,000 residential properties suitable for a granny flat have been identified across Australia’s three largest capitals.

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Can I build a Granny Flat at my address?

Your property may be one of the 655,000 identified as being suitable for a granny flat. Find out by clicking through to this search tool created by Archistar & Blackfort. 

Archistar identifies Granny Flats in Australia

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