A Solution to the Housing Crisis

Granny Flats in Brisbane

Brisbane’s housing market is facing pressure. New home construction is already lagging behind the rate of new household formation. This undersupply is expected to continue through to 2028, resulting in a shortage of 5,000 dwellings.

The lack of available and affordable housing is a concern for many residents. However, granny flats offer a unique and effective way to address this challenge by maximising the use of existing properties.

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Can I build a Granny Flat at my address?

Your property may be one of the 655,000 identified as being suitable for a granny flat. Find out by clicking through to this search tool created by Archistar & Blackfort.

Archistar identifies Granny Flats in Australia

Unlocking Brisbane’s Housing Potential

Brisbane has a remarkable 184,660 properties identified as suitable for granny flat development by our data. This represents a significant 23.3% of all properties in the metro area, highlighting untapped potential to create more housing within existing neighbourhoods.

Notably, Brisbane leads Sydney and Melbourne in the percentage of properties suitable for granny flats. 28.6% of these properties are conveniently located within 2km of a train or light rail station, enhancing their appeal for those who prioritise accessible transportation options. Just under 8% are within the same suburb as a hospital, which would also appeal to essential workers.

Top Suburbs for Granny Flat Development in Brisbane

Council areas with the most development sites include the Brisbane LGA; Logan; Moreton Bay; Ipswich; and Redland. Moreton Bay, Logan, and the Brisbane LGA each have more than 30,000 potential sites. The top suburbs are:


Suburb NameNumber of Potential Granny Flat Sites
The Gap2,986
Alexandra Hills2,789
Redbank Plains2,479
Albany Creek2,378
Rochedale South2,215

Financial Benefits for Brisbane Homeowners

Building a granny flat in Brisbane isn’t just a practical solution to the housing shortage; it’s also a smart financial move for homeowners. With the potential to increase your property value by a substantial 32%, it’s an investment that can significantly boost your equity. Brisbane’s rental market is experiencing a surge in demand, particularly for smaller, self-contained dwellings. This trend makes granny flats an attractive option for investors and homeowners alike.

By constructing a granny flat, you can tap into this market, using your new income stream to offset mortgage costs, supplement your retirement income, or simply enhance your financial portfolio.

Why Build a Granny Flat in Brisbane?

Brisbane’s subtropical climate, relaxed lifestyle, and burgeoning job market are attracting an increasing number of residents. This influx is driving up demand for housing, particularly smaller, more affordable options like granny flats.

By building a granny flat, you’re not only meeting this demand but also contributing to a more sustainable and efficient use of urban space.

Regulatory Considerations in Brisbane

While the potential for granny flats in Brisbane is exciting, it’s essential that are aware of—and follow— the specific regulations that govern their construction. Brisbane City Council, like other local councils, has specific guidelines regarding granny flat size, setbacks, and parking requirements. However, no planning approval is needed as long as the secondary dwelling meets specific criteria.

Consulting with professionals or local authorities can help you ensure your granny flat project adheres to all necessary regulations.

Is your Brisbane property suitable for a granny flat? Find out by using our address search tool and take the first step towards unlocking the hidden potential of your home. If it is, you can use Archistar to generate hundreds of potential designs that would meet the requirements set out in the Brisbane City Plan 2014.

Archistar identifies Granny Flats in Australia

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