Find profitable sites, design feasible buildings

Archistar revolutionises the way property professionals find, assess and design sites. Transform your months’ long process into a ten minute analysis.


Understand any site’s planning rules

View zoning, planning data and permitted uses

Real time design analysis

Generate, edit and analyse hundreds of designs in minutes

Calculate development ROI

Run financial feasibility on your 3D designs

Rapidly assess multiple sites

Shortlist feasible sites in minutes

How it works

Property developers

Home builders
Government & planners

Instantly find development sites and maximise their potential

Our all-in-one platform begins by giving you everything you need to know about any site. Archistar then provides lightning-fast feasibility, compliance checks and concept designs to help you understand what to do with your site.

Find and assess opportunities faster than traditional methods

Data loaded from government and leading data partners

“Archistar has filled that missing link. We can run early stage feasibility and design without doing too much research or paying a lot of money to consultants. And that’s a huge advantage for our business.”

Michael Norman
Arcadian Developments

Go from 1,000 sites to 1 promising opportunity

Use our rapid assessment tool to survey an area and instantly discover sites with real development opportunity.

Instantly check for feasibility & compliance

Make highly informed decisions by using our user-friendly feasibility and design tools.

Augment your firm with practical, contextual generative design

Through consultation with architects worldwide, we have created a platform that fuses generative design with user-friendly drawing tools. Experience the world’s most adaptive generative engine and start designing with unmatched speed.

Generate apartments, commercial, mixed use buildings and more

Generate hundreds of designs that respect your parameters

“With Archistar, I’m able to look up planning controls and show clients what we can or can’t achieve within minutes. It’s the efficiency, convenience, and professionalism that makes it so great!”

Mariam Hamad
Hemisphere Constructions

Empower your team

Gain a head start on your projects by choosing a suitable generated design that meets your desired metrics.

Export to DXF

Seamlessly integrate generative design into your workflow with our exportable CAD files.

Sell more homes & delight more customers

Archistar Homes is a highly visual platform that helps you sell homes faster. Every feature has been specifically designed to accelerate your sales funnel while also providing a delightful experience for your customers.

Save time with simplified masterplan and siting tools

Save money by solving long-standing inefficiencies

The ability to quickly site homes compliantly sets us apart from our competitors. 3D Houses are always a winner with clients. Archistar Homes has been so easy to work with – no maths involved, you can just look at it.

Amy Symonds
Rawson Homes

Simple & revolutionary

New technology is usually difficult to implement and use. Archistar Homes unlocks the future while staying familiar and user-friendly. 

A delight for you and your customer

Showcase your homes in high-definition 3D and move your customers through your sales & drafting pipeline with ease. 

Simulate your precinct to understand highest and best use

Use the Archistar platform to discover the highest and best use of individual sites, multiple sites or entire precincts. Generate buildings and analyse your plans in real-time for financial returns and environmental effects.   

Generate apartments, commercial, mixed use buildings and more

Sources loaded including planning rules, market data and more

“I can accurately find the size of the site, measure the setbacks, and get a scenario within a couple of seconds. Archistar saves me up to six hours per week.”

Santhurie Naidoo
Merc Capital

Test & iterate

Improve your planning process by viewing real-time feedback whenever you edit your building designs.

Plan around existing context

View your proposed plans within local context with our 3D building layer and Nearmap’s high-resolution aerial imagery.


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Solve for the future

Risk and uncertainty is present in all property and design projects. Archistar aims to present as much information upfront to ensure our entire industry delivers projects that benefit not only our firms, but also our environment and our global population.  


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