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Property Development Software

What You Need to Know About Property Development Software

Property development practices have changed significantly over the last decade, and it’s all a majority thanks to digitised solutions and newly created software. Approvals, reporting, research and estimations, all of these activities can now be easily streamlined with a few clicks of your mouse. So what’s the deal with all the new software out there? And how can you make sure you’re choosing the right one?

What does property development software entail?

Property development software helps you manage your property’s complete life cycle, from potential opportunity through to effectively managing cash flow and property data. For developers worldwide, software helps you:

  • Set up feasibility: Feasibility reports are critical parts of any development opportunity. Without proper planning and understanding of your property’s potential, you may be met with a few obstacles that could slow down any profits. Property development software lets you essentially investigate a development opportunity before you have even begun the development itself.
  • Manage development costs: Understand the finances you’ll need to put in for a successful investment, but also manage profit margins and revenue opportunities. Property development can be tricky business, so you want to be able to assess potentials long before you put your money in.
  • Historical and Current data on locations: Zoning, sales history, valuation estimate, details on planning controls, all of the insights that could influence your development opportunity are available so you are fully prepared with whatever road block you may be met with.

Why use integrated software?

Juggling multiple platforms takes time, and in the digital age it is near impossible to manage property development opportunities without software backing you up. You want to know you are making a smart investment, and integrated software means that within minutes you can build confidence in your decisions. Property development software is ideal to:

  • Create feasibility reports in no time
  • Investigate development potential as early as possible
  • Gather information from real estate thought leaders
  • Build 3D conceptual designs

But why don’t you see it for yourself?

The features of Archistar’s Software

Complete folio of industry insights: The market is flooded with insights and information from multiple vendors, and switching between the list can be time consuming. Archistar offers you development knowledge and data from all of Australia’s leading providers, including Domain, Commercial Real Estate, CoreLogic RP Data, Cordell Projects and Nearmap.

Conceptual capabilities: The best part about Archistar is its innovative AI technology, which gives you the chance to actually build 3D concepts of properties. This advanced software lets you generate thousands of potential designs, or build on your own, from apartments, townhouses, multi-use buildings and commercial properties. Conceptualise a building with some of the best design templates available.

No need to switch between vendors: Because Archistar’s AI software spans across multiple functions, you can utilise it throughout your entire property life cycle, and manage multiple investments. No more sifting through various platforms to get completed insights, it’s all in your hands with Archistar.

Ongoing training and support: We aim to make our platform as user friendly and intuitive as possible, but we also provide you access to training and support for all of your projects. You can look at our available video tutorials to get started or reach out to our team to make the most out of your subscription.

Trial our platform today

Archistar’s aim is to make development as streamline as possible, and ensures that you’re confident in your investment. With a user-friendly platform, instant data from the leading development platforms, easy-to-use software training and ongoing customer support, Archistar helps you make the right choice.
Learn how to use Archistar’s software with online tutorials or reach out to the team if you require further assistance.