Property Development Training

Property Development: Choosing the Right Training & Support

Property development can be a fantastic investment opportunity, and with the right support can build you a long-term folio to generate additional revenue. While it is a great opportunity, it’s also critical you come into it with the right knowledge and foresight. Looking to get started in the property development industry but don’t know where to start? We take a look at some of the essential training and partnerships to make for smart future investments.

How do I start as a property developer?

While property development can have great potential, it is still like any other investment and the most successful developers work hard at making smart investment decisions. The fact is, there are so many elements to property development that there is almost no one who knows it all, so while most people may have some experience in a certain area, you’ll probably need expert insights from others. A few things to start with:

  • Communicate with other property developers you may know, see what their experience has been, discover their success stories, their learnings.
  • Network a lot. You’re going to need support from all areas of construction, design, building and council approval, so start building on your partnership skills
  • Do some property development research. Subscribe to magazines, blogs, etc. Consider starting work with an agency or development company.
  • Determine what type of properties you are interested in. A niche can be a good way to mitigate risks. Do you want to look into residential properties? Commercial industries? Are you looking at a particular location that you know is successful or that you’re knowledgeable about? Set some goals around these expectations.
  • Lastly, consider training opportunities if you’re really stuck on the starting point. While you don’t need accreditation to begin a career in the industry, thought leader insights will get you into the right mindset.

What training is available for property development?

Some people find training and courses to be the best way to get your head in the development mindset. For those, there are a few options.

  • Short webinars/seminars: Many experienced property developers will offer short and usually free seminars on all of the tips and tricks of development. This is a great training opportunity if you are just dipping your toes in the industry.
  • Short courses: If you are looking for a more detailed exploration of property development there are short courses available. These can go into further detail of the elements of property development and give you additional confidence in how you approach investments.
  • Software support: When you feel comfortable in your decision, property development software can help you estimate and assess potential investment opportunities, giving you the chance to explore investments before you settle into one. Software is a great practical approach to training yourself up for property development, and Archistar’s software has full support and training available to help you get started.

What support do I need?

Training is available to kickstart your property development career, but you also need to make sure you are partnering and working with the right groups of people to get things started.

  • Firstly, working with financial institutions can help you with larger funds to kickstart potential investments, and helps hold you accountable to promises you make.
  • Secondly, partner with architects and designers that will have experience and credentials to build structurally sound, modern developments.
  • Choosing builders you trust will also ensure your property is constructed and completed within budget and other parameters.

Essentially, partnerships with all elements of development will benefit you in the long run, and if you can develop multiple projects together, you will find yourself in a mutually beneficial relationship.

So professionals are critical to supporting your new goal, but you’ll also need the right software to keep you on track. Manage your costs, delve into location insights and reporting, and accurately predict opportunities before you’ve committed to an investment. A few things you can get from development software include:

  • Feasibility reports: assess opportunities using filtered data and insights from leading property thought leaders and platforms.
  • Manage costs and determine potential profit margins: See all of the potential costs necessary for your development approval, and see how rental and sale costs stack up in your region.
  • Conceptualise buildings using AI: Visualise from the get-go what your investment will look like. Compare with leading designs and use this to determine feasibility of all property types, residential, commercial and multi-use.

Get started with supportive, integrated software from Archistar

We are confident that Archistar can provide you with infinite opportunity and insights into new development investments, but we want to make sure you know how to take full advantage of our platform. We offer online tutorials and guidance for all of our subscribers and new users, as well as ongoing support when you’re stuck.

Learn how to use the Archistar app with quick online tutorials, or reach out to the team if you require further assistance.