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Many issues and complications can arise when handling your development proposal. Discover how town planners can help.

When looking for approval from a local council, property developers can encounter a significant obstacle due to not being familiar with current codes and regulations. This is an issue that can be avoided by employing a town planner.

Town planners are professionals who ensure that the development is planned strategically. They work with landowners and developers as advisers and create assessments, reports, and strategies related to developments. Planners deal with various types of developments and work towards the best possible outcome.

Ultimately, the goal of the planner’s work is to make local council approvals easier to get. 

The key factor in a town planner’s job is knowing the future community plans as well as current needs. In particular, they are well familiar with the Planning Scheme – the rules and regulations that local councils impose on developments. Since developments must comply with the legislation, this makes the role of town planners as project advisers crucial.

Acting on behalf of the developer, town planners can demonstrate to the local council that all of the requirements are addressed and justify any contradictions.

In this article, we’ll explore what goes into a town planner’s job and explain why every developer should consult one.

What’s a Town Planner’s Job?

The first task of a town planner is to review a development plan, assess it, and create a strategy. The goal of this strategy is to make the development more likely to be accepted by the local council.

To that end, the town planner will use their extensive knowledge of standards and requirements when working with local councils. They’ll take care of report planning that will meet all of the particular regulations.

These standards are grouped under the local council’s Planning Scheme. And a detailed understanding of the Planning Scheme is vital for the town planner’s work.

After the assessment of the development proposal is done, the town planner starts acting on the developer’s behalf and takes on the role of a coordinator. In this role, the town planner communicates with various consultants, including architects, engineers, and surveyors. Through the professional input from these consultants, the town planner can demonstrate whether the proposal is compliant with the regulations.

Finally, the town planner presents the local council with the development proposal, as well as a report showing that all of the codes are met. In the case when specific requirements aren’t met, the town planner will explain the reason behind it. Then, they’ll make decisions that will forward the process of getting the local council’s approval.

A town planner’s job is complex and their position in the approval process carries a lot of responsibility. And as experienced professionals, they can meet the expectations in most cases.

Why Do You Need One?

Town planners can provide you with valuable advice about development ideas. Without their guidance, your proposal runs the risk of triggering certain regulations. And unlike the average developer, a town planner will know whether a proposal can satisfy standards and regulations. 

Another thing that town planners can do to ensure development idea compliance is advise you on any work that needs to be done on the idea before applying for approval.

If you want a faster and smoother process and a more cost-effective development overall, working with a town planner will make that a reality. They can help you avoid hidden costs and waiting for a long time for approval.

A town planner will also give you critical feedback during the design stage. This feedback can remove any potential issues that the local council might bring up regarding the development proposal. Rather than facing unexpected problems and setbacks, the town planner will ensure your proposal is optimised to meet the necessary codes.

When it comes to contacting other stakeholders, the town planner can provide liaison with everyone involved in the development project. This will streamline communication and make misunderstandings or information loss much less likely.

Finally, if your development runs into legal issues, the town planner can provide assistance.

The fact remains that developers often aren’t prepared to handle all of the potential issues that can arise as a project awaits approval. If you are unclear on the details of the process, attempting to finish your proposal without the help of a town planner wouldn’t be the best choice. 

Instead, rely on the professionals to clarify all of the dilemmas you might have and prepare your development for approval.

Town Planners Can Provide Crucial Assistance

The service that town planners offer can be of critical importance, especially with developments that are on a tight schedule. 

With the guidance and advice of a town planner, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the development and the local council. Then, you can work on your proposal with the town planner to make it as likely as possible to get approval. 

Once the town planner’s work is done, you’ll save a significant amount of time and money that would’ve been wasted on the various setbacks that are likely to come up.

Needless to say, if you wish to make the process as short and straightforward as possible, working with a town planner is the best decision you could make.

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