Starting a career in real estate development is exciting, but how do you start? There are a lot of considerations, but that’s true for any profession. The reason people get into the real estate business is that it’s rewarding to see the fruits of your labour in the physical form. Something that you’ve worked hard for becomes a space that other people can enjoy and benefit from. So, how do you get your start in real estate development? In truth, getting your start in real estate development isn’t about shooting to stardom and having your big break. You have to learn the ropes, earn your stripes, and climb the ladder. 


What Does a Real Estate Developer Do?

At the top of their game, a real estate developer must know a lot about many things. There’s so much to it, so it’s a good idea to get in on the ground floor and see how things are done. After all, there is a lot of money at stake. 

A real estate developer must oversee the following processes:

  • Write business plans
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Get funding
  • Find the right pieces of land
  • Form a team of experts
  • Get projects approved by the local council
  • Break ground
  • Managing projects (financially and oversee the construction)
  • Market property developments
  • Consult with real estate agents
  • Decide whether to sell or rent out their properties


What Are the Different Jobs in the Real Estate Development Industry?

Because the industry is so broad, there are many things you can do within it without biting off a whole chunk of responsibility before you’re ready. Start by considering where your existing skills and talents lie, and then set a path to grow your career. The industry relies on the specialist skills of project managers, financiers, accountants, conveyancers, architects, builders, marketers, and real estate agents. If you’re starting from a clean slate, your best bet is to pick an avenue that interests you, study this field, and start with an internship. Nothing worth doing is easy, so learn as much as you can. 


Investing in Software

Everyone needs a helping hand, so you would do well to consider which aspects of the industry you most need assistance in. Good software will help with the heavy lifting and free you up to do other work as with any business. Wherever you fit in the bigger picture, you can find the software which will help you. A bit of research will yield a range of business management software, project management software, design software, and more. For a comprehensive real estate development software package, have a look at Archistar. Archistar will streamline your workflow and help you with studies, find development sites, design your property, produce beautiful drawings and renderings, maximise profit, create reports and more. 

Now that you know how to get your start in real estate development go forth and be part of something you can be proud of! The built environment keeps us warm, cool, productive, entertained, and happy, so get your start now.